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Feature Columns

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October: 911: Who Will Answer the Call? The Earh dials Stillpoint: P-E-A-C-E
November: What Keeps Us From God?
Precious gifts to brighten the divine spark in you
December: A Bright, Shining Star
Breakthroughs in human consciousness


January: The Radiant Stillness in Your Heart Meditation and the still, small voice
February: The Essence of Heart and Soul
The balanced heart, mind and soul
March: The Red Cardinal
A little bird comes to teach peace
April: Only Love
A higher perspective on world events
The Earth's Blossoming
Becoming more of who we are
May: Polishing The Mirror
How to see your truth
June: A Walk In Nature
Dancing with the divine
July: Living Peace
Resolving conflict with grace and ease
: The Transforming Power Of Love Energy flows where attention goes
October: Spirits in Rebellion 9/11 opens a portal to peace

November-December: Let the Joy Begin Don't dream it, be it


Jan.-Feb.: The Enchanted Cottage The electrical magic of love
March-April: The Springtime of Peace
Awakening to the patterned memory of what we can be
May: The Body-Temple
An evolutionary song of glory
June: What Dreams May Come
Manifesting what is dormant within us


Jan.-Feb.: One Humanity Lessons from the tsunami
March-May: Love is in the Air
The waves of healing
June-Aug.: Wind Chimes
We are never alone


Jan.-Aug.: The End of Fear Peace in the body, peace in the mind

The Still Small Voice,
a magazine of feature stories,
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Vol. 21: October 2013
The Endless Ocean

Adventures on the Other Side
A Meditation on Meditation
New Life with Psychotechnics
Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Earth

Vol. 20: February 2010
Cosmic Consciousness

Column The New Brain
In Spirit's Toolbox Diet for a Cosmic Planet
The Path to Enlightenment
Insights From Spirit Letting Go

Vol. 19: Fall 2008
The Open Heart

Column Harmony in the Sea of Spirit
In Spirit's Toolbox Surfing the emWave
Feature Transforming Consciousness
Insights from Spirit 12 Powerful Paths to Harmony
Endquotes Six Sages

Vol. 18: Winter 2007-08
From A Distance

Column The True Self
In Spirit's Toolbox Inner Love Visualization
Insights from Spirit 7 Paths to Higher Perspectives
Gifts of Wisdom The Meditation Experience
Feature 12 Birds of Peace
Endquote From A Distance

Vol. 17: Spring-Summer 2007
Mind Over Matter

Column Mind Over Matter
Insight From Spirit The Secret Powers of Nature
In Spirit's Toolbox Journey into the Chakras
Endquotes The Field

Vol. 16: Winter 2006-2007
The Season of Light

Column The Season of Light
In Spirit's Toolbox 12 Paths to Light
Insights From Spirit 7 Gifts of Inspiration
Endquotes Three Times a Yogi

Vol. 15: Spring-Summer 2006
In the
Theater of the Mind
The End of Fear

Column Saving Grace
In Spirit's Toolbox 10 Ways to Curb Fear
Insights From Spirit Lessons in Peace, a Karma Drama
Going Within Act II: A Meditation for Your Inner Screen
Feature The Shadow of Fear, the Light of Self-Love
Endquotes Penetrating Persian Poets

Vol. 14: Winter 2005-2006
The Heart's Awakening

Column: The Season of Peace
Going Within: Your Inner Beauty
In Spirit's Toolbox: Stepping into Soul
Insights from Spirit: The Heart's Journey into Light
Endquotes: Rumi's Roots

Volume 13: March-August 2005
Love Is in the Air

Column: Sometimes a wave, sometimes the ocean
Feature: The 3 Gifts of Love
Insights from Spirit: The Singer's Song
In Spirit's Toolbox: 10 Steps to New Life
Endquotes: Elevating our aim

Volume 12: Jan. - Feb. 2005
The Birth of a New Age

Feature:The Labors of the Earthly Mother
Insights From Spirit:One Humanity
In Spirit's Toolbox:Adventures in Love: Down the Rabbit Hole
Dialogue:Judith Pennington and Rebecca Skeele on "What the Bleep"
Endquotes:There and Not There

Volume 11: May - December 2004
What Dreams May Come

Column:A more beautiful dream of life
Insights From Spirit:Unfolding the power of soul
In Spirit's Toolbox:Sleeping to awaken
An Inspiring Fable:The Solitary Lion
Endquotes:By Walt 'n William

Volume 10: March - April 2004
The Greater Whole

Column: The Body-Temple, a Song of Glory
Insights From Spirit: Conversations with Mind, Heart and Soul
In Spirit's Toolbox:Socrates Three-Part Test for Impeccable Speech
Interview: Trudy Fatzinger, Animal Communicator, Speaks
Endquotes: Carl and Judy

Volume 9: Jan. - Feb. 2004
Pathways into Oneness

Column: The Enchanted Cottage
In Spirit's Toolbox: Four Powerful Pathways into the Light and Sound of Oneness
Insights From Spirit: The Quiet Love in the Heart
Interview: Katharine Giovanni and the Business of Spirituality
Endquote: Bucky’s design and Helen’s adventure

Volume 8: Oct. - Dec. 2003

Column: Let the Joy Begin
In Spirit's Toolbox: The 12 Birds of Christmas
A Cajun Joke: The Joy of Skipping
Insight From Spirit: Prosperity and the River of Light
An Inspirational Story: The Holy Man
Endquote: Your ship was spotted off the coast

Volume 7: Aug. - Sept. 2003
On Blame: Whodunit?

Column: The Transforming Power of Love
Insight From Spirit: On Self-Blame
In Spirit's Toolbox: A Stone for Mars or 7 Ways to Curb Blame
Feature: The Cass Dialogues & the Real Jesus
Endquotes: By a French Saint and British author

Volume 6: July 2003
Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Column: Living Peace
In Spirit's Toolbox: 10 Loving Ways To Resolve Conflict
Interview: Unity Peacemaker Gary Simmons on the "I Of The Storm"
Insights From Soul: How To Flow With Your Own Highest Good
Quick Notes: The Awakening In Edinboro
Endquotes: Emerson's Best Advice

Volume 5: June 2003
A Walk In Nature

Column: A Walk In Nature
Article: Five Simple Steps into Enlightenment
Guided Meditation: Into Your Blossoming
Feature Article: Brennan, Siegel & Walsch: Dialogues with the Divine
Endquote: Charles Filmore on Spirit

Volume 4: May 2003
The Healing Heart

Column: Polishing the Mirror
Meditative Writing: The Cup of Love
Feature Interview: Bernie Siegel on the Healer Within
Four Qualities of a Mindful Life: A Buddhist Meditation on Fruitful Relationships
Endquotes: A Simple Question

Volume 3: April 2003

Column: The Earth's Blossoming
Feature Interview: Malcolm Smith's Miraculous Healings in America
Resurrecting A Life: Help Dr. Todd's Cold Laser Save a New Orleans Woman
Endquotes: The Great Invocation

Volume 2: March 2003
Cultivating Peace

Column: The Red Cardinal, with photographs
Meditative Writing: The Earth's Blossoming
10 Easy Ways to Sow Peace: Terrific Tips on Keeping Your Kool
Feature Article: Lobsang's Sand Mandala: Pictures of War and Peace, with photographs
Endquotes: A Russian's Soliloquy on Compassion

Volume 1: February 2003
Living and Loving Peace

Column: The Essence of Heart and Soul
Meditative Writing: The Woman with the Jug of Water
Heaven in Cyberspace: A personal coach's exercises help make 2003 as you want it
Spoonbenders for Peace: Lessons to shift personal and planetary consciousness
The Washington Peace Rally: An in-depth profile, with photographs
Endquotes: Great truths about peace