Vol. 3, April 2003

*Column The Earth's Blossoming
*Feature Interview Malcolm Smith's Miraculous Healings in America
*Resurrecting A Life Help Dr. Todd's Cold Laser Save a New Orleans Woman
The Great Invocation

The Earth's Blossoming

In meditation recently, I asked my still, small voice how to deal with feelings of anguish and outrage over the U.S.-led war on Iraq. What came was one of the most beautiful and kindly messages that I've heard in 15 years of soul communion: "Allow each shard of glass to fall out of thy heart and bring the Father's love to each hole." But before I could return to peace, as advised, this lesson sprang to life: I spent an afternoon angry at someone who hurt and disappointed me, and the next morning was bewildered to find tiny shards of glass in my fingers. I have no idea how they got there. One cut bled, and these little wounds still hurt as I write these words.

So here are those same old questions: are metaphor and material reality one and the same? For the past 15 years, with my inner teacher using earth imagery to illustrate universal principles, I've studied this a great deal and believe that these are indeed much the same: ideas are precursors of physical events, and physical events are best understood by their symbology. The discerning mind can read the meanings in both and predict from surrounding patterns of energy what comes next.

For example, the prophets of the Bible and other mystics perceived the divine life force as light, and today, quantum science tells us that everything, including the cells of our bodies, is composed of different frequencies of light. Nearly a century ago, Edgar Cayce, America's best-known psychic and father of holistic healing, saw that our cells, tissues and organs vibrate at different frequencies and that what we think and eat creates in us either the harmony of health or the discord of disease: "Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, the physical is the result," he said.

Science has since proved the power of the mind to shape reality on the atomic level and it's easy to see that, in the years ahead, physicians will use finely calibrated light devices to restore the frequencies of health to our bodies and minds, just as spiritual healers now restore health with the laying-on of hands. Thanks to Cayce and the visionary scientists who wrote The Body Electric and The Secret Life of Plants, many people already understand that everything is the energy of consciousness in motion. We meditate to feel the currents of divine light flowing through our bodies and rising in frequency to awaken and evolve our minds into a higher realm of love, creativity, spiritual connection, empathy, intuition, healing and blissful oneness with All That Is.

To me, the light of meditation is the pathway to the evolved Christ mind of perfect love and oneness; to others, it's the enlightened Buddha mind; to still others, here is the mystical "ascension" into higher consciousness and, ultimately, the resurrection of the body-mind.

Yesterday this was an esoteric mystery; today it's an electromagnetic fact recognized as truth by brain wave researchers and many others studying the signs, symbols and science of spirituality. If we want to raise the body-mind into higher consciousness, we consume live, high-vibration foods; meditate and pray to create love, harmony and inner peace; and we extend these vibrations outward in grateful and loving service just as monks and mystics have done throughout time. We live in the energetic flow of this Light, raising ourselves and the world into the divine in us and all things.

I was delighted with what came after the shards of glass passage in my meditative writing: "No one can tell the moment when promise flares into potential and potential into actuality," the writing said, "but when the blossoming comes, the fragrance fills the air and beauty abounds." In this metaphor is the truth of what we can bring about in ourselves and upon the earth, if this is our desire and intention. No matter what happens in the outside world, we can prepare for our blossoming and Earth's by being as beautiful as we can be and by radiating the love of the Greater Love.

Our ascension into higher consciousness synchronizes with the Earth's quickening as she turns faster and emits higher frequencies, as measured by the Schumann wave. No matter what appearances say, we and our planet are being filled with stronger and higher frequencies of light and just below the surface come the roots of spring and the blossoming of peace all around us.

Let us rejoice in the beauty and wonder of this, for these feelings attune us to the Light in ways beyond conscious knowing. We are uplifted and, in this, shine the light of love upon the roots and seeds of peace and cultivate it with the beauty in our hearts and minds.

So it is promised, so must it be done.

Malcolm Smith's
Miraculous Healings In America

How a psychic, spirit guides and poltergeist pushed an Englishman toward his Light-filled destiny as a renowned spriritual healer

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I drove for two hours, then took the train into New York City for an interview and session with the British spiritual healer, Malcolm Smith, for three good reasons: first, because I felt a strong and inexplicable attraction to him, a sure sign of soul guidance; secondly, because his visits are sponsored by, among others, the ARE (Edgar Cayce organization) of Houston and the ARE Center of New York, which I trust implicitly; and thirdly, because I'd read stories of Smith's miraculous healings and knew of two people in need of it: a Pennsylvania psychic who's been blind from birth and a New Orleans woman with a lethal brain tumor.

Walking the six blocks from Penn Station to the ARE Center on 28th Street aggravated a longstanding problem with my back, but I didn't expect to be healed of it, as I'd had two profound healings during meditation, as well as periodic relief with self-Reiki and hands-on healers, none of which had lasted for more than a week.

So I wasn't here for myself. It was the attraction to Smith and the chance to learn from him: I'm very sensitive to subtle energies and want to heal others once I am healed.

I expected to feel heat in Smith's hands, but I encountered it immediately upon entering the center's office and meeting rooms. It wasn't the radiator, I decided, sitting down with volunteers to fold newsletters for the 20 minutes until my appointment.

Smith, a merry fellow with a page-boy haircut, emerged from behind a tall partition. "Where's the reporter from Time and Newsweek?" he joked. We shook hands and sat down in a small, partitioned space with a backless chair and his own behind it. His slow, gentle introduction eased me into the session: the healing would last 25 minutes; he has an 80 percent success rate, with most of the healing coming on the third day; and he would need to place his hands here and there, was that okay?

Smith rested his hands lightly on my shoulders, and as he moved them from one spot to another, a golden warmth spread through my body and I lost track of his semi-classical music and the rustle of papers in the next room. I prayed silently for the presence of divine helpers and the warmth intensified, with this healer playing my body like an instrument, lithely leaning me backward and from side to side. I was relaxed, supple, wondering vaguely where the pain had gone and feeling like the boneless dead Christ resting against his mother Mary in David's Pieta.

Then suddenly the session was over and Smith was handing me a folded piece of cloth to place on my back at night and continue the healing, if needed. But where had the time gone?

I didn't voice my bewilderment, but somehow Smith, in walking me out, remarked that he doesn't remember the content of sessions either and is often surprised by what people recall that he said. He picked up a worn book of handwritten testimonials and leafed to a page with underlined writing. It read, "Malcolm asked me if I were aware of a terrorist attack coming to the U.S. from men who's hearts were full of evil. He said he felt it was very, very near, but I should not be frightened and that it would be good to have extra water and food on hand."

Smith predicted this two days before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and apparently the warning helped heal this client suffering from "terror that has consumed my life," the man wrote weeks later. Cured of his paralyzing fear in a single session, he spoke of Malcolm as an "earth angel" and of how, during his healing, he couldn't tell if he was sitting in the chair or floating above it.

I was hooked and read on while Malcolm worked on his next client. A woman wrote about crying for no apparent reason during her session and how a white light came over her that was so beautiful and full of love that she almost couldn't bear it; this light opened her "closed hard heart," she said.

A Jewish woman went to Smith for a healing of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), but Malcolm asked about the pain in her hand; she'd cut three fingers to the bone with a circular saw 25 years before, but didn't believe that he could help with this old, excruciatingly painful hand. After the healing, she felt relaxed and nauseous, and at home, vomited for hours; afterward, all of the pain in her hand was gone. Smith cured the tinnitus during her next session.

Other healings resolved multiple complaints in a single session. In one woman, a ruptured disk, frozen shoulder and emotional pain "healed below the surface, never to be seen (again). Words are insufficient," she wrote. An AIDS patient was thankful for the healing of a chronic pain in his shoulder, diminished asthma and an improved T-cell count enabling him to refuse "toxic medications."

One woman with aggressive breast cancer wrote that she needed no more surgery, after all. Another woman whose stitches wouldn't heal after a colostomy was suddenly healed except for the itching, she wrote ruefully. A man depressed about being jobless saw a vision of his mother during his healing and she told him not to worry; afterward, Malcolm said he'd seen her, too, and that his client would have a good job within two weeks and hear about it within two days. This is exactly what happened.

Next I came across an entry by a grateful mother writing about the healing of her 10-year-old daughter. The child suffered from low self-esteem and abysmal grades in school, but after a session with Smith, her test scores jumped from 50 to 100 percent. Her teacher wanted to know what had brought about such a dramatic change in Megan, whose attitude is now, "I can do it!"

I enjoyed reading of two dog healings that rule out the power of suggestion in these cases at the very least.

An 8-year-old Border Collie's health had begun to fail, leaving him with a dull coat, constant scratching, weakness causing him to fall down stairs, and what seemed to be depression. After one visit and three nights of having the folded cloth held against his body, King was cured, healthy and happy again.

So was a 12-year-old poodle brought to Smith for congestive heart failure, kidney failure and a year-long illness. After four visits, Ginger rallied and is the "longest living dog" known to her veterinarian.

Now I not only wanted but also needed to know more about this healer and his gift.

Smith bade his 6 p.m. client goodbye, and as we walked to a pub for dinner, I realized that the debilitating pain in my lower back was gone and I felt profoundly centered and whole. It was like the physical effect of a deep meditation, when you're filled with divine energy and are more of who you really are; you feel blessed, even blissed. But there was something else. Now, although I sensed that the physical damage was still below the surface, I had a distinct sensation of considerably more energy flowing through my body and I felt strong and unhampered by the usual weakness and fatigue. I was riding a more powerful current that is discrete from physical pain.

We talked our way through salads and a roar of conversation in the busy pub.

A psychic and a poltergeist

Smith's gift of healing has no precedent in his family of coal miners. Born and raised in Yorkshire, England, he recalls only one childhood incident that may have marked him as a healer, a gift which he claims is the birthright of every soul.

His mother having died of medical negligence when Malcolm was seven days old, the child was raised by his grandmother. She fell ill when Malcolm was nine years old; at 3 o'clock one morning, he was awakened by his father, who refused doctors but wanted fetch his sister from the other side of town. Malcolm was told to hold his grandmother's hand and did so reluctantly, as his beloved grandmother, now 75, was delirious, gasping for breath and obviously dying. After 30 minutes, she took a deep breath and grew quiet.

The little boy, afraid that she had died, ran to his bedroom just before his father returned with his aunt. He told his father that it wasn't his fault, and in fact there was nothing wrong: his grandmother awakened 12 hours later, completely well.

A year later, when Malcolm was a boisterous 10 year old, he was sent to church for its calming influence. After the service, he had an overwhelming urge to ask the time, which was five minutes past 11 o'clock. Late that afternoon, a relative from another village arrived to tell the family about the death of a great aunt at exactly five minutes past 11.

Graduating from grammar school, Smith went to work in the coal mines and later sought adventure in the merchant marine, British Navy and his own prosperous construction company. Married and the father of three children, he knew nothing about the paranormal until he and his wife visited an aunt. Her neighbor, a psychic, saw that Smith's wife had a kidney ailment which had been treated but would return in three days. She told Malcolm that he was a healer and could ease his wife Kathleen's suffering with the touch of his hands. This did occur and her intense pain and kidney condition disappeared after five minutes of his healing touch.

"I thought it was some kind of suggestion or placebo," Smith said, "but I seemed to be able to heal the kids when things happened to them." One night, he gave healing to his daughter Adelle, 7, who had bronchitis. The next morning, she told him that she'd awakened in the night to find a man standing over her bed; he'd put his hands on her chest and they were burning hot. She described the man to her father and in particular a piece of jewelry worn by him, just as 13 or 14 other people healed by Smith have done.

"How did you see the man in the dark?" he asked his daughter.

"He was glowing like a light," she told him.

A few days later, a poltergeist showed up in the Smith home. At first, the spirit did no more than turn on water taps while the family was away. But soon, pictures flew off the wall onto the floor and some nights were thrown across rooms. Crockery exploded in the kitchen and, once, while Kathleen was changing the baby, a large, seven-pound wooden plaque levitated off its nails, came six inches away from the wall, and crashed to the floor. The nails were still in the wall and the string on back of the plaque was still intact.

Far more disturbing was the sound of children crying and sometimes giggling late at night on the landing just outside the master bedroom.

The last straw came at 11 p.m. one evening, when the couple turned off their television set and heard heavy footsteps clomping up what sounded like wooden stairs, but was really a heavily carpeted staircase. The spirit tromped up and down the stairway, tapping on the wall for four or five minutes until Malcolm came out of the bedroom, felt an icy blast of air, hastily retreated and jumped back in his bed, terrified.

At that point, Smith began to search for an exorcist and ended up at a Spiritualist Church. A member listened to his story, slipped into meditation to seek guidance, and reported that the poltergeist had appeared for the express purpose of getting Smith to that church. Now that this had been accomplished, the poltergeist would bother the family no more.

Brilliant healings and Edgar Cayce

This is exactly what happened, and indeed, Smith found at this church not only an opportunity to do hands-on healing with others, but also a book by Harry Edwards, Britain's greatest spiritual healer. The church members had only minor aches and pains, so the real test of Smith's ability came in a cancer patient with only eight weeks to live. Smith drove to her home in the next village, presented the patient's husband with Edwards' book and said that if they could believe in this, he would be willing to try to heal her of the cancer. Four weeks later, the husband phoned Smith and said he didn't really believe in spiritual healing, but would give it a try. Smith worked on her for two years, during which she recovered completely.

Smith tested the truth of his gift in other ways. In one instance, the sister of a woman with an incurable liver disease asked him to pray for her sister's healing, but did not tell the sister about this. At 11 p.m. one night, Smith prayed for her, and one hour later, the patient began to vomit. When it was over, her jaundice was gone and so was the pain and swelling in her liver. Three days later, a medical scan confirmed the cure.

For 18 years, Smith healed people from his house and charged $15 per session, except for children, invalids and cancer patients, who received healing at no cost. In 1988, the book Healer! was written about Smith's work and that very same week he received in the mail a book about Edgar Cayce, There Is A River, by Thomas Sugrue. Smith still doesn't know who sent the book or why, but this was a pivotal event in his life.

"Edgar Cayce became an instant hero to me," Smith recalled. "I had very little money at the time, but I wanted to send the A.R.E. something, so I sent 50 copies of my book to be used as a fund raiser." The Association for Research and Enlightenment, a non-profit organization created during Cayce's lifetime, did give the book as a contributor gift and in 1996 a member who read it urged the A.R.E. to invite Smith to its headquarters in Virginia Beach. He traveled there and made friends with a Fellowship Church minister and published author, Robert Krajenke, who has brought him into major American cities to do his healing work over the past few years. Smith gave up his job in a foundry and visits American cities for seven weeks at a time. His fame is rapidly growing and so is his clientele.

It was my good fortune to receive a healing from Smith, as several good things have since happened to me. For one thing, the increased energy in my body has enlivened my meditations and my ability to see visions and derive their meanings. This is remarkable for me, and I've learned that to cure my back pain permanently, I must cure the underlying cause: reinjury due to busy haste and a lack of consideration for my body's basic needs.

I've also noticed that at the end of my meditations, during my healing prayers for others, the stirring of energy in my hands, feet and other spiritual centers is much stronger than before. Yesterday, my four-year-old grandson fell down five wooden steps and landed on the bones of his eye socket. We share "the healing energy" often, as we call it, but this time his intense pain disappeared almost instantly, and, as he snuggled against me, he was noticeably reluctant to get up and move away. I suspect that he felt something wonderful, as I sensed a subtle difference in and a peculiar air about him. There's been no bruising at all, so it seems that I got exactly what I needed from Malcolm: healing energy and the backbone to use it.

We always get what we need, don't we? If only we ask and follow our guidance to it.

The Spirit of Healing: A Q&A Interview with Malcolm

I asked Malcolm Smith some probing questions so that he could speak to you directly of his insights and in his own kindly way.

Judith: What does it take to become and be a healer?

Malcolm: I would say you've got to have an inner feeling for people, to want to help people and ease their suffering in any way you can. It comes down to love and compassion for your fellow man. Other than that, anyone can do it. It's like singing. But if you don't develop the gift, you don't get too far with it.

J: You've said that you don't feel the energy passing through you during healings. What do you tune into at the beginning of the healing and what do you ask for?

M: I ask God to allow the person to receive healing. I also ask God that the guides be given the knowledge to overcome the problem the person has. The guides don't have energy (of their own); they administrate God's energy. So they have to work with their acquired knowledge; you can't go into a body without intelligence in back of what you're doing. The guides need to know, so they've got to acquire some knowledge from God to use that energy to overcome the problem. The closest example we have on this planet is the radiation given in hospitals. It's a very crude form of healing energy, but behind it is intelligence: the radiologist needs to know how much (of it) to use and for how long. The guides are using God's energy in the same way. The energy is just there; if God was involved personally, we would have 100 percent healing every time. We don't. We have 80 percent getting an improvement ranging from slightly improved all the way to 100 percent. You never know who's going to get what.

So, for the first few seconds, I pray and ask God to allow people to receive healing and give knowledge to the guides working with me. Once I've said that, I listen to my music and enter an altered state. I know that my hands are moving around the body, but when I tell people things I don't remember them at all.

J: What kinds of reactions do people have?

M: Some people just go out; they're gone. Some get emotional. Some sit and cry, even the men. Different people have different reactions, but almost everyone feels the warmth.

J: You've had several instantaneous healings that many people would consider miraculous. Would you describe one or two of these?

M: In Philadelphia two years ago, a lady had retinitus pigmentoso. She'd been blind for 25 years and her sight came back during the session. She was super-cool. Her sister had brought her and was talking to the lady who owned the house. The client walked downstairs, sat in a chair, and said what a beautiful tree there was outside. Her sister said, 'You can see the tree?' The sister became emotional, but the client was just cool.

There was a 19 year old paralyzed from a major car wreck in England. According to the surgeons, he was paralyzed from the neck down. He came out of the coma 20 minutes after the energy started going into him and was moving every limb we asked him to move.

J: How did you feel?

M: In that case the nurses got emotional, so I did too.

J: Do you feel a sense of gratitude or wonder about this?

M: I'm still in amazement, because some days you get a major miracle, sometimes instantly, and sometimes it doesn't work for a pain in the elbow.

J: So you're bemused.

M: Yes. You can cure a blind woman and not a person with floaters in the eyes. Here is my take on this. It's the same energy passing through me all the time, and that same energy has the same potential.

Why does it work sometimes and not others? There could be many reasons why. Number one, for the healing to work, the spirit has got to be open to receive it; the spirit first and then the physical. If the spirit will not open itself up, it could be because the person is using the experience of the problem to teach somebody something; the spirit is saying, 'Look, I need this, so I can't open up to receive it.'

Sometimes, the person is throwing gasoline on the fire, so to speak, in subscribing to the problem. Sometimes the problem is karmic, so again it will not be relieved. Unless the spirit decides to let it go, if it's karmic you have a problem. Sometimes everything has to line up for a big miracle to come through.

J: So you really do feel as if you are stirring the soul?

M: Hopefully, anyhow. First of all, we are spirit in a body. We are here for soul growth and, at this stage of evolution, have to come into this physical body to experience that soul growth. When the time comes and we move over to the spirit realm, there's another vehicle for the soul. Eventually and many, many lifetimes away, the soul will not need a physical body as a spiritual vehicle. It will become pure energy and go back into the Godhead from whence it came.

The soul decides, to a point, anyway, whether the physical body heals. Everything is governed by universal law, even spiritual healing. If the need goes outside the law, like regrowing limbs, it won't happen.

J: Do you have any relationship with Jesus, the master healer?

M: Not apart from the fact that I get quite a few people experiencing him during the healing. My question is, how do you know you've seen him, because nobody knows what he looks like! (laughter)

J: How would you advise others to develop their healing gifts?

M: With love, compassion, simplicity. That's all you need. And perhaps a little bit of patience.

Resurrecting a Life

Help Dr. Todd's Cold Laser
Save a New Orleans Woman

I could hardly believe it myself as I watched an eminent physician, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, explain how he'd seen in meditation the way to heal the body: with a cold laser that could restore a person's DNA to its natural frequencies of health so that cancer cells would simply aggregate, line up harmonically and fall away. Because Dr. Todd was trained by, taught in and headed departments of leading U.S. teaching hospitals, he was able to connect with a Nobel prize-winning Scotsman who built this laser, and Dr. Todd is now conducting clinical trials to prove its effectiveness to the FDA.

At this symposium, I felt like I was standing on the threshhold of an exciting new world in medicine, one which unifies science and spirituality, and indeed, this is exactly what Edgar Cayce predicted would happen and what I've always known, somehow, in far memory, to be true.

Even so, I needed objective proof and over the course of an extraordinary weekend at Hemingbough in St. Francisville, La., Dr. Todd proved the laser's effectiveness not just to me but to an audience of medical people from around the world and spiritual adventurers including two representatives of Neale Donald Walsch's foundation.

He projected overlays onto a screen showing several pages of case studies citing impressive and often amazing laser healings of people with brain tumors of a certain kind: incurable, inoperable and so deadly that the patient's physicians say there is no alternative left except the far-fetched possibility of Dr. Todd's cold laser.

I knew intuitively that I would bring such a patient to Dr. Todd and that day has now come.

I'm sorry to say that this patient is the wife of my beloved friend, Christian (Eddy) Allman, who is also the father of my daughter Rachel. Christian's wife, Marianne Samuels, is by all accounts an extraordinary person: a Jewish woman from New Orleans, she worked as a Montessori teacher by day and put herself through Loyola Law School at night. She worked in private practice as an immigration lawyer, then helped many elderly people through her post at the Social Security Administration. Now she is dying of glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive brain cancer, and is quite literally at death's door. Radiation and chemotherapy have not helped her, and at this point, she sleeps 16 hours a day and has only partial use of her left arm.

I don't know if Dr. Todd's laser can heal Marianne, but he's saved the lives of other people with even more advanced brain tumors than hers. So this is well worth a try. Christian's brother has covered their airfare to Scottsdale, Arizona, and if Christian can raise the funds for Marianne's month-long stay in a clinic there, a specialist will deliver intravenous nutrition and Dr. Todd, at his own cost, will transport his laser from Toronto and treat Marianne with it.

Please contribute your prayers to this effort and, if possible, a tax-deductible check or money order in any amount, no matter how small, to a foundation that Christian has set up for this purpose. The address is:

The Marianne R. Samuels Medical Fund
c/o Whitney National Bank
610 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

If you have any questions, please contact either me or call Christian at his office (504/680-1218) or on his cell phone (504/239-8210). Thank you for your prayers for this precious life and for passing along this e-mail to anyone whose name comes
into your mind.


The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men--
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.