Pathways into Oneness

Vol. 9, Jan.-Feb. 2004

*Column The Enchanted Cottage
*In Spirit's Toolbox Four Powerful Pathways into the Light and Sound of Oneness
*Insights From Spirit The Quiet Love in the Heart
*Interview Katharine Giovanni and the Business of Spirituality
*Endquote Bucky’s design and Helen’s adventure

The Enchanted Cottage

Decades ago, I saw a metaphysical movie that wonderfully illustrates the alchemical power of love. In "The Enchanted Cottage," a homely, self-effacing maid and a blind, crippled war hero fall in love. She blossoms into an attractive, self-confident woman and he into a charming, handsome country gentleman, both happier than ever before.

Oliver and Laura ascribe their transformation to the legendary enchanted cottage, but one day, its spell is broken by the pitying comments of people who see them as ugly and broken. The magic disappears until a magnificent tone poem played on piano by a composer friend opens their eyes to the true alchemy in every life: the beauty and music of love.

Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Yet this is exactly what happens in romantic love. The world is suddenly beautiful, and we laugh open-heartedly in joy, walking on air. In Buddhist psychology, this is a state of "attraction." Its opposite, "aversion," disenchants us from love.

Life is precisely what we make of it, isn’t it? Love resides within each heart, waiting to be recognized as the transformer that it is: an infinitely powerful vibrational expression of the One Word, literally the "uni-verse." This transcendent viewpoint, with its singular quality of attraction, makes it easy to love without conditions or expectations, and to forgive and forget what is said and done by others, if we so choose. Love, a tone poem, makes life beautiful and harmonious.

My still, small voice has always claimed this, so I am delighted to share with you some recent proof of it. According to the HeartMath Institute, the higher frequency and shorter wavelength of love spirals through the strands of our DNA and, by interlacing more amino acid "coding" sites, awakens us to who we are meant to be and really are. Not only does love raise our frequencies of vibration, by resonance it attracts to us more light. We are healed and made whole by the musical vibrations of love, which transport us into the divine and draw the divine into us.

To me, the secret of the "en-chanted" cottage is that each of us is building one of our own with the quantum energies of thought, word and deed. What is the house of your soul like? What motto is written on your front door, and does it need to be rephrased? Have you swept the cobwebs from each nook and cranny? Perhaps it's time to clear away what does not belong and to place fresh flowers on each table, bringing joy to yourself and all others who enter in.

But what do we do when a guest is unkind and leaves us feeling angry or hurt? Finding myself in just this position recently, I asked my still, small voice for insight and was told that no matter what the cause, discord’s only healer is sympathy and love; giving these to everyone disentangles us from the anger, misperception and separation that confuse our minds and blur the truth.

Within two weeks, this is exactly what happened. Once again, my relationship was healed by steadfast love, faith and a willingness to be present to anyone who is lost (including myself!).

Just as in "The Enchanted Cottage," keeping the doors to your heart open and clear will allow the love in the Light to heal and transform you with its magic. None of us can run or hide from the mirrors in our houses, as they exist for our benefit. Rather, let us be receptive to everything, excluding nothing and pulling every experience into our "core star," or soul, as energy healer and atmospheric scientist Barbara Brennan advises.* This is how to "walk between the worlds," teaches spiritual leader Gregg Braden: by integrating All That Is, we transcend duality and become whole through the union of opposites.

Let us begin this new year by "enchanting" our cottages with love to create a bright new world on Earth. What better plan for peace, already settling so deeply across our love-resonant planet!

* You’ll find Barbara Brennan’s fascinating and exclusive interview about the stages of our expansion into higher consciousness in the open debut issue of Eagle Life’s subscription e-zine, OneWorld, accessed through its link on the left toolbar of this page.

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In Spirit's Toolbox:
Four Powerful Pathways
into the
Light and Sound of Oneness

The easiest, most exciting adventure in consciousness follows the lamplit guidance of the still, small voice in each of us. In the quiet of meditation, we listen to our souls and hear what is most needed in our lives and how best to obtain it. This wise, kindly voice never fails us and never falters.

There is no substitute for inner listening, as we grow into the soul voice which becomes our own. But in our travels, some or all of these four harmonic pathways open to enhance our joy and draw us into the Oneness.

See which of these powerful pathways, at any given time, resonates best with you: thought and word, self-knowledge, inner peace, or chanting and toning. All will bring you closer into the transporting power of beauty and music, the light and sound of Universal Mind, or God.

1. The power of thought and word. When our ideal is peace, healing or prosperity, and we say or do something out of alignment with this, we sense, feel or know it. The discord itself keeps us on track and guides us back into harmony with ourselves, others and Spirit. The great psychic-healer Edgar Cayce, who said that thoughts "are crimes or miracles," lovingly advised everyone to create an ideal by which to live. This is best done in meditation, so that the soul voice may show us what is needed most. For you, is it peace, joy, self-discipline, will, oneness or something else altogether?

If a single word floats up when you ask this question, create with this word an affirmative phrase or sentence, then go back into the silence to see if it is good and right for you. When it is, post your ideal somewhere and, during meditation, use it as a mantra to draw your busy mind back into the silence. This will build your ideal into your life. When the words of your ideal no longer have a "shine," or "go dead" for you, you have incorporated this quality and it’s time to return to meditation for a fresh ideal.

Every time you think or speak your ideal, you are physically attuning your body-mind to it, so be sure it’s a spiritual intention that will uplift you! Ideals are blueprints with which we build our lives, whether we know it or not! If you aren’t convinced that your thoughts, words and emotions influence the physical world around you, you might find these stories very interesting.

Last November I attended an historic conference in Virginia Beach that featured the physicists and U.S. military personnel at the center of America’s research on remote viewing, termed "anomalous perception" or "anomalous perturbation" (psychic receiving or influencing) by these methodical thinkers. One of the presenters was the famous remote viewer and artist Ingo Swann, who reminded us that thoughts, as vibrations, are heard and felt by all sentient beings, including house plants!

At a party in New York City, Swann met Cleve Baxter, who later authored the classic book, The Secret Life of Plants, and visited Baxter’s home to participate in experiments. Baxter had hooked up lie detector electrodes to the leaves of ordinary house plants, and every time Swann struck a match, the readout jumped sharply in reaction. After awhile, the reactions stopped and Swann asked why. "The plant knows you’re bluffing!" Baxter told him. And so it did, as illustrated time and again in Baxter’s landmark book.

In other experiments, Baxter and Swann took skin scrapings and drops of blood from a man and put them in a vial hooked up to the same electrodes. The readouts consistently jumped when the man was poked with a pin, even when he was five blocks away! (See the February issue of OneWorld for a series of eye-opening articles and interviews from this amazing conference.)

That we are all one body, one mind is indisputable. Yet we so easily forget and doubt how our thoughts and words affect everyone–and everything–else, including our own bodies and minds.

2. The power of self-knowledge. My still, small voice has said for the past 16 years that releasing darkness enables us to attract and hold more light, and recently, DNA experiments carried out by a Russian scientist proved definitively that this is true. It’s intuitively verifiable as well, and a phenomenon that we can physically feel as it takes place.

Here’s how to bypass your ego, which I call a "hero in its own mind," and awaken to what you need to know about yourself. Every time you find yourself angry, frustrated or in conflict with someone else, "Stand back and watch yourself go by," as Cayce so vividly advised. "Know Thyself," emblazoned on the temples of Greek mystery schools, is the key to conscious evolution. If we do not undertake this journey, we are not really conscious at all.

I was taught this by my meditative writings, and as I traced my discordant words and actions back to their source–fear of inadequacy and a crippling lack of self-love–I was able to see and correct the destructive patterns of behavior that drove me to addictive decisions and ways of life. I could actually feel my burdens growing lighter, as my pain, sorrow and yearning gave way to increased amounts of light in my body-mind.

What fascinated me most was the correlation of this "en-lightenment" to sound: with each stride forward, I could hear my singing voice becoming ever more resonant and beautiful! I can still hear the difference in my voice, in shifting from one state of consciousness to another, and especially in singing with other spiritual seekers, wherein everyone’s voice grows more harmonious, resonant and beautiful. I concluded that the high frequencies of love bring us into our blossoming literally and in response to our deepest desires.

3. The power of inner peace. Silent meditation, by building up the divine currents of energy within us, is the single most effective way to heal and transform the body-mind. These currents, containing the light and sound of God, tune up our bodies through the chakra system, or "wheels of energy," as Cayce called them. He said, and virtually all medical intuitives have seen, that these seven energy centers connect the spiritual dimensions with our endocrine glands, located at major nerve centers. The chakras, powered-up like frequency transformers with multi-level circuits, step our energy up or down.

You can feel this happen during meditation, and the longer you meditate, the more sensitive you become to these subtle energies, which carry us into the Oneness. I experience this oneness not only as a sense of love for and connection with others, but also as oneness with my highest mental clarity, creativity and intuition. After 16 years of regular practice, I emerge from every meditation, brief or lengthy, feeling more centered, grounded and in attunement with my true self. Going within kindles the divine spark in us so that we may know and speak the truth of who we are–and, in this, reach out to others in love, compassion and service.

A calm, peaceful sense of oneness is critical to our evolution; otherwise, we volley back and forth from one state of consciousness to another without ever really knowing what is real and what is not. I experience this shifting consciousness when I don’t meditate every day. The slippage is all too apparent to me, and unfortunately, to others around me as well.

When I do return to meditation, I am amazed at the consistently gentle, loving voice of my heart, which does not complain when I skip my contemplative time, but waits patiently for me to return. Recently, while in deep meditation, I heard a quiet little voice say, "I am too hurried." Upon engaging in a pen-and-paper dialogue with my heart and mind, I learned that both want and need the restful peace of meditation.

This makes sense, doesn’t it? It is in the Oneness that both are energized and made more vibrant and whole. In this blissful state, these three notes organize themselves into a chord made of the proper co-creative partnership: mind serving heart, heart serving soul, and soul serving what I call the Divine Harmonic.

4. The power of chanting and toning. To comprehend the potential of sound, we have only to read the Hebrew Bible, which tells us how the powerful vibration of trumpets and the drumbeat of marching feet toppled the walls of Jericho. In modern times, we have seen this same harmonic phenomenon in a California bridge undulating in resonance with the frequency of wind blowing all around it. The bridge eventually shattered. Equally unpleasant to many of us is the deep, rumbling bass of automobile speakers passing by and thumping our beating hearts into palpitations.

Such "entrainment" sensations can be reversed by a meditative thought, word or rhythmic sound, all of which will rapidly shift any frequency pattern. People have always used chanting and toning to evoke altered states of consciousness and heal with the power of sound.

I’ve heard, but can’t yet verify the source, that Egyptian hieroglyphics show adepts using the vibrations of their voices to heal their patients’ energy fields. It makes sense intuitively that if we fully understood the capabilities of frequency and vibration, we would be able to heal anything.

The racial memory of these abilities, lost through the ages, has been restored to us by Cayce and others. Researchers reading of Cayce’s glimpses into the distant past believe that the mastery of sound technology is how the Mayans, Aztecs and Egyptians moved 100-ton boulders hundreds of miles and up mountainsides to build megalithic temples and pyramids.

David Elkington’s meticulously researched book, In the Name of the Gods, claims that Egypt’s pyramids were not meant to be burial chambers, but were frequency modulators for spiritual ascension and for quickening the mummified dead. Like sacred cairns and stone circles, pyramidal structures amplify the resonance of chanting voices and may have been used to raise the frequencies of the crystalline human body into harmony with the crystalline healing frequencies of the Earth. We know today that this frequency, 7.8 hertz, is a fundamental brain wave frequency of meditation and spontaneous healing by hands-on practitioners.

Hindus, Buddhists and many Westerners harmonize the body-mind by chanting the familiar "Om" or singing the word "Hu," the Sufi and Eckankar seed sound for God. (Eckankar is the present-day Religion of the Light and Sound of God.) The vowel sounds in these words move energy through the abdominal, cardio-pulmonary and cranial cavities of the body when we focus on feeling this movement of loving, divine energy, rather than how we sound to others. The key to chanting and toning is being present to it.

Here’s a powerful chant from ancient Egypt, resurrected in trance by Edgar Cayce and explained in a little book, Music as the Bridge, published by Cayce’s Association of Research and Enlightenment ( in Virginia Beach. I’ve asked people, during my talks and workshops, to sing this chant and always hear beautiful harmonic overtones that carry the singers into deep meditative states. Cayce said this particular chant awakens our ability to draw ourselves into the divine and the divine into us. See if it works for you!

Surrounding yourself with a sacred circle of love, chant the word ar-ar-r-r--e-e-e--o-o-o--mmm. Fill your pelvis and navel with this rich, resonant "ar-ar-r-r" (as in ah-r) and with your whole body sound the "eeeeee" (as in eat) in your solar plexus, moving the breath upward and directing the "oooooo" (as in oh) to the heart and throat, then the uuuuuu (as in blue) to the base and center of the brain, and the "mmmmm" (as in room) to the forehead and frontal lobe of your brain. You will feel this last sound vibrating the very bones of your head.

If you sit with this chant for awhile, you’ll feel the currents of spiritual love coursing through your body-mind, and a river of peace will carry you into the Oneness of perfect love. Share your peace and healing by visualizing your loved ones and Earth’s people basking in joy.

Joy is the natural outcome of these pathways into the Oneness, for here we feel the perfection in all things and know ourselves to be one with the Divine. All pain, loss and sorrow fall away in this journey toward the Light and Sound of God. In the beautiful music of this illuminated Oneness, we soar on wings of freedom and joy, at home in our place of true belonging, forever.

Insights from Spirit:

The Quiet Love
in the Heart

The most important part of my spiritual journey (often hamstrung by my emotional sensitivity) is the reassuring comfort and guidance of my soul. Perish the thought of going through life without it–this, my wisest teacher and finest friend, the higher self who knows me better than any other and loves me despite it all! I am fortunate indeed.

I share this intimate meditative writing not only because of its universal relevance to us all, but also to tempt you to forge such a relationship for yourself. This dialogue illustrates the co-creative partnership between mind and heart (the physical aspects of the soul) and their respectful service to soul. In soul’s voice is a goodness and beauty greater than that of most, if not all, sentient beings on Earth.

It is not mine, nor yours, but flows through us in response to whatever question we wish to ask at any time. Soul invites our questions and will answer in whatever ways are open to it. The avenue depends only upon our primary organs of perception and our willingness to trust that answers are coming and to look for them.

I know that Soul will give me the most powerful and enlightened answers, as in the writing below, when I most need them. On these occasions, in the quiet atmosphere of my meditation room, I hear the roar of rushing wind or a waterfall and in sudden response feel joy and gratitude. This is the presence of Spirit, not a distant entity heard from afar, but within you and growing ever keener in clarity as you listen, and ever higher in the quality of its wisdom.

May these beautiful insights uplift your spirit and draw you ever closer to the many ways in which we are able to hear the voice of the soul.

Q: I have felt sad, separate and ill of late, even with some meditation, and my dreams are conflicted, I think, and not remembered. I have bad word retrieval and my writing is amateurish. What ails me?

A: Only listen to the deeper heart for this discomforting information, which saddens thee even now, and see how this lies just beneath the surface of knowing and yet unrecognized. See it now!

Heart: I am hurting. Say the source.

Mind: How can I, when you curl up against it and...

Heart: I will listen.

Mind: I will speak. In time past, you were given the gift of love and it was rich and tasteful to you–a ripe melon to eat, a singing in the heart and a rapture desired by the soul itself, as every soul desires this enraptured love. It was given thee and taken away and is now a source of sadness to thee, a longing that gains power yet cannot be admitted for fear of upsetting the balance of what is now. See this as an inner conflict, a desire unmet yet not satisfied by the denial of it.

Heart: And the solution?

Soul: See the solution in the knowing of the question, beloved, for all questions of heart come with the very same answer: to look to God for fulfillment, to seek what is good and right within this Love, to seek no more for earthly love that decomposes thee, but to compose a higher song to satisfy the need for harmony in self and in others.

Heart: I trust your words and will follow this guidance, as always, yet I hunger for love with music, dancing, laughter and the spiritual companionship of a like-minded soul.

Soul: In self, seek all of these and be them. Fill self with happiness that comes from fulfillment in the Father, and by this attract to thee what is needed and desired. First fulfill self. Then fulfill the needs of self. All else will respond, in this way, to the harmony of self’s desire and not to desire’s disharmonic call. Fulfill self and be joyful and free of discord, to better know the Father’s love, and allow this Love to call to thee all that is needed and has ever been desired.

Q: Is failure to do this the source of blame?

A: It is the source of all dissatisfaction with self and the world. This dissatisfaction, projected onto others, is blame and anger, greed and intolerance–for the body-mind, stressed by its unmet hungers, cannot allow the heart and soul to soar in freedom and joy. These needs cannot be met by others, but only by the deeper self in communion with the Father’s love.

Q: And for those who do not wish to hear this, and especially reject the reference to a "father" God–or to any God at all?

A: See this as a ball bouncing along a path. If one releases the ball, it moves freely onto the pathway and bounces merrily along without regard to the desires of its owner and only in accord with its own nature. The mind and its desire to control according to its preconceived beliefs may release the heart and soul in just this manner: by allowing the love and spiritual connection in oneself to be free and wholly Itself; that is, its own nature. One cannot prevent oneself from being free, out of fear or domination, for the freedom in self will rebel against oppression and be caught in conflict.

Rather, ask the heart of its belief and any will see that the heart believes only in Love and knows this love as the Source of All That Is. The concept of the Father as the Source relates to a time in history and is rich for some, empty for others and hated by a few. This is no matter to the heart, whose only god is Love–the Father/Mother/God that gives life, hope, joy and renewal forevermore and cannot be unseated by old angers, prejudice and rejection.

It is the choice of each, then, whether to be captive to thoughts and beliefs that separate, or to let the heart and soul run free in search of what gives the freedom and joy needed by one and All.

Seek, then, for the higher Love–call it what you will–and allow this to fill the body-mind with all that is needed to satisfy its hungers, no matter what these may be. When all is full and overflowing with Love, you will see how these hungers vanish and what is left is a cup of love to be shared with any who hunger and thirst.

Out of the fullness of this cup comes the soul’s song–a joyful music that calls out its pleasure and gratitude, in its unique sound and feeling, to All That Is. In the flow of this Music is perfect love, and in this perfect love is the uplifting of All That Is.

Here is the service given one to another, and in it, service to self: healing, transfiguration, the blossoming of the one into the One: the highest, the most beautiful, the greatest of truths.

This begins with self’s surrender to Love and its release of all else. It continues with trust and the awareness of change and upliftment as these occur. It blossoms with the joy and gratitude of knowing how easily the bouncing ball makes it way along the path to the One waiting to receive and embrace it with the hands of Love.

Let this be thy course, then: to return each day to the quiet Love in the heart and to be still and in communion with it, that the energy of Love satisfy the only need in the body-mind: the need for Love, the higher love of the Source of all Love, the divine spark within each and every one seeking Love.

There is no other fulfillment but this, no other perfection but the deepest in thee. Know this to be true, and in the knowing find and embrace the golden ball of Love and its path of freedom and joy.

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Katharine Giovanni and
the Business of Spirituality

The idea of having a conversation with God is absurd to most people, tantalizing to many and perfectly natural to a few. But according to the celestial starscape of 2004, this is the year that many more people will turn inward to the still, small voice of soul for guidance in every aspect of daily life.

Katharine Giovanni, an author and international business owner, began to do this years ago and is now teaching spirituality to hundreds of business clients. I met Katharine at New York City’s Book ExpoAmerica in 2001 and immediately liked her bold, spunky personality. Brandishing her attractive and very powerful self-published book, God, is that You? How to have a conversation with God–and really hear him, she said to me, "You and I are teaching exactly the same thing: how to listen to God. People don’t know they can do it!"

Well, we all know what happened to Joan of Arc and maybe that makes some folks a bit hesitant. Happily, as Katharine’s book and mine recount through our own and other people’s stories, now is the time to listen to, be healed by, and live in peaceful accord with the higher guidance that is love, in its essence, and waits and wants to help us blossom into joy, prosperity and freedom.

Many people, typically "psychic audients" like musicians and writers, are able to tune in to this inner voice of wise, kindly guidance with relative ease–once we realize that it’s been advising us all along, without our knowing it! The biggest obstacle for audients (psychic hearing) is to distinguish our own voices from the still, small voice of higher guidance; this is why it’s so important for us to learn this difference during meditation, and to trust in and practice this skill in order to develop it.

Katharine ( and I can both assure you that it’s a life-changer for people willing to "dance with the divine," as our friend and fellow teacher Keith Varnum ( puts it. Rebecca Skeele (, another teacher and friend, calls this voice the Master Consciousness. Whatever you call it, say something and wait quietly for an answer!

In this interview, Katharine tells her own story to help stir your interest in inner listening, refining your skill, or attending a workshop to learn how. Eagle Life is developing a teleclass on Inner Listening, and all four of us–Katharine, Keith, Rebecca and I–offer free newsletters with articles on this subject.

I trust that you will enjoy Katharine’s warm, vivacious personality–and her success story–as much as I do. She’s a peach!

Judy: Katharine, as I understand it, you published your book and took your concierge business into international prominence while listening to the guidance of your inner voice?

Katharine: Early on, we made God our business partner. When I asked him business questions, I would listen. He said, "Write a book." I wrote a book. He said teach workshops. I taught workshops. It’s a natural progression, because I’ve been doing what he told me. That’s how we got to where we are today. Because I made him my business partner. But I took it a step farther. I actually listened to what he said. I didn’t always do it...

J: And what happened when you didn’t?

K: When I don’t listen to him, I get myself in a big mess of trouble and it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to, and everything seems like an uphill battle, a struggle. When I do listen to him, he’ll say something, and I’ll say, "No, that’s not what I’m thinking." He’ll say, "Turn left at the next corner," and I’ll think, "No, I should turn right." So I’ll turn right. That’s when life becomes a struggle. When I do listen to him, even if he tells me something out of left field, it always works out right in the end.

For example, one fine morning he told me to write a book. I laughed, and he said, "No, I really think you should write a book." I’ve now written three (including two concierge manuals), so he was right.

J: You seem to have a real joy in life. It’s not just that you’re a good-natured person, but that there’s an excitement in you, an innate, inborn joy that sort of bubbles out in the written word, in conversation and in everything you do. I know your background and that this has not always been the case, but yet, I feel that this is your essential nature. I wonder if your joy is related to your drive to listen to God and secondly, if it has anything to do with your ability to listen to God. What part does joy play?

K: It was hard to feel joyful in my childhood. I grew up in a very dark childhood with two alcoholic parents. I was raised by a nanny who was very spiritual and provided that light that I was seeking. She taught me early on that God would talk to me. She talked about God like he was a really good friend of hers, and she was very spiritual and quite psychic. She used to see things.

So I learned very, very early on that there was a light in the end of the tunnel and a goodness and love because Torie was there. She really taught me about joy. Here was a lady working in a very dark house, but she brought this joy and light to it that was astounding. Everybody who talked to this woman, their voice would turn soft–no matter how many drinks they had–and their demeanor would change. You could feel the energy move. So I learned from a very early age to be capable of joy. The joy that I get now comes from the very depths of my soul–to teach people how to start their own business, how to listen and hear God, how to get their questions answered, how to change their lives around, how to use the Law of Attraction, which opens up an ocean of knowledge. That’s where my joy comes from. I see the light bulb go on over their heads; that’s where my joy is.

I have a client I taught back in 1998, who’s earning $5 million a year now. My joy is seeing my students and clients successful. I just get so jazzed by that. I love watching people get successful, knowing I played a small part. It’s like teaching people to read. We’re all born with this ability inside of us, but we need a teacher to come and teach us how to read. The teacher has to show us the letters. We’re born with the ability to learn how to read, but everybody needs a teacher. I am one of those teachers, and watching somebody learn how to read, so to speak, brings me more joy than you can imagine.

J: And you’ve had a lot of help from your own inner teacher...

K: Yes, and that journey began with Torie, back when I used to have conversations with myself in my mind. I was a very lonely little girl and very angry, but I thought it was just me talking to me, and it wasn’t until 30 years later that I realized who was talking to me.

The journey started, on a conscious level, back in 1995 when I was pregnant with my second child, Jeremy. I had a dream that I was given a tour of heaven and hell. My body was pure energy, like a little bowl of light, and I could sense that there were two angels or beings or something. I felt that I had two guides on either side of me. My first visit was to hell, and I don’t remember many specifics about it, except that the feeling was very dark. There was no light energy at all, and it was the complete opposite of love. God was not in this place, anywhere. It was the total absence of God. Then I went to heaven, and again don’t remember many specifics, but the feeling was of love, beauty and light and it was everything you ever wanted. Unlike other people who were given the chance to stay or come back, one minute I was there, the next minute I was jerked out of my bed.

I wasn’t a very spiritual person back then. I was raised Episcopalian, but went to church at Easter and on Christmas, and I felt that if I was a good girl I would go to heaven; if I wasn’t I’d go to hell. After this dream, I talked to my minister, my husband, everybody I could think of, because I focused not on heaven, but on hell. Somebody told me it was God’s way of telling me I needed to get a multivitamin complex. Somebody else said it was just a weird dream and to forget about it. So I put it out of my head.

Then, after we moved to North Carolina, we were in our apartment while our house was being built. We were sitting in the living room, watching TV, and I turned my head and there was an angel. She was beautiful. She looked like she was about 5'7, 5'8. I didn’t see any wings, but I could see right through her. She was wearing one of those Elizabethan dresses, and she smiled at me with this smile that stays with me to this day, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone. It couldn’t have been ten seconds.

I didn’t tell anybody for two weeks, because I thought I was crazy, but I couldn’t get the image out of my head. I thought, either I’m crazy or something’s going on. But then, one day, I went to the house to check on the builders, and it was a very cloudy, rainy, disgusting day. I walked over to where our mailbox was, and all of a sudden, the clouds opened up and a beam of light hit me. All of a sudden, I felt loved and warm, like I was on a beach in Bermuda. I knew that something was going on, but thought, maybe I’m a born-again. I didn’t know what a born-again was.

So I went back to the apartment and thought, okay, which religion should I choose? There are 100,000 religions in the world. Which one should I choose? Which one will teach me what I need to hear? I heard very clearly the words, "Follow me," and I’ve been following him ever since.

J: And listening...

K: I have been listening ever since, and I’ve learned from him through conversations. I’ve got disk after disk of things that I’ve heard and learned from him, one day at a time.

J: This is what you’ve brought into your business?

K: Yes, with a sense of genuinely wanting to help people. You have to run a business with love, as opposed to fear, and ethically. You have to treat your employees and everyone who works with you fairly. You have to act responsibly and to be transparent in your business. All of these things combined have made us a very successful business.

I am co-founder and co-owner of New Road Publishing. We’re about to produce Connie Domino’s new book, Irresistible Attraction. Then we have Triangle Concierge, our original company, and Triangle International, the umbrella which combines business and spirituality. We’re teaching companies a new road to take, like you see with Southwest Airlines and Oprah and Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. We’re here to teach people how to create a company to be proud of. Triangle Concierge teaches both individuals and corporations how to create their own concierge service–how to start their own company or their own in-house benefit to clients and employees.

Triangle Times is our online e-zine, that we put out to all of our clients, business and spiritual. For years, I was holding my book, God, is that You?, in one hand, and our business manual for Triangle Concierge in the other hand. I was holding them as far apart as possible, until God told me to put them together. I told him that was crazy, but he said that putting business and spirituality together is the wave of the future. The companies that embrace the work-life programs understand the fact that their employees must be treated fairly and an employee happy in body, mind and soul will give more to the company and increase their bottom line. This will also help their insurance because their premiums will go down and employees won’t get as sick.

That’s how Triangle International was born. We live in the Triangle here in North Carolina–the triangle made by Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. It’s also the triangle of body, mind and soul.

J: So you’ve begun to teach people inner listening during your that right?

K: Yes. A lot of our conferences are held here in the Triangle, but we’re starting to spread across the United States. We travel and do a lot of training at companies on-site.

J: So you’re integrating these workshops on how to listen to your inner voice and how to be ethical, and these two themes are making their way into your newsletter as well.

K: That’s right. I’m slowly weaning people over. Really, what I’m doing is teaching Spirituality 101, the basics, and the basics include honesty, integrity, responsibility, love, respect, commitment. These are the principles and foundations of spirituality. You can call these the principles and foundations of ethics, if you like. They’re the same thing. Either way, this is what we’re trying to bring to Corporate America.

J: How are people receiving it?

K: Very well. You have to speak their language and be fluent in it to get your point across. We’re teaching the same thing to many different groups, we’re just teaching it in different languages.

J: You’re just starting out, also, to teach people how to hear the voice of God as a means of discerning the right and wrong directions?

K: That’s right. Everybody speaks to God in different ways. One of the things I’ve been teaching is that there are four ways we perceive God. We hear him, see him, feel him and know him. Everybody perceives God in a different way.

I’ve run into more than a couple of people who can feel answers literally. One gentleman works for the zoo, and he can feel what’s wrong with the animal. Others just know it. My friend Vivian is a surgeon. One moment she won’t know the answer; the next minute, she just knows it. Because her first choice is knowing, doesn’t mean she can’t know God in other ways. I’m here to teach people how to hear, how to listen. Then we’re going to talk about what else is out there to help you. There are angels, there are spirit guides.

J: And you find that people are open, receptive and hopeful?

K: Yes, they’re hungry for it. They’ve read 30,000 books and been to 25 different churches and they’re still searching. They don’t know what they’re searching for.

J: And the answer is actually within them?

K: The answer is within them. They’re searching for answers on the outside, but the answer is already within them. They already know the answer. They already have all the answers they need. It’s inside of them.

J: A lot of people have doubt and fear that gets in their way. How do you help them dissipate this?

K: They’ve been socialized to doubt and fear. Surely it’s that unworthiness thing. My friend Connie Domino says that so many people, like her, were taught in church that they are lower than a worm’s belly and not worthy enough to talk to God. Mother Theresa was worthy enough and so was your pastor, priest and rabbi.

I think that God wants to talk to all of us. If he had a single message for the world, I think it would be that we’ve got it all wrong.

J: So what you try to convince people is...

K: That they are worthy enough. To lose the doubt and the fear. They’re doubting that God will talk to them, and they’re fearing that he actually will. Because they’re scared of what he’s going to say and that he might smite them with a lightning bolt. They’re scared of about 300,000 things. But God doesn’t judge anybody. He wants to be your friend.

You know, every day is a brand-new day. The beauty of a sunrise is that it’s a brand-new day. It’s a chance to start fresh. He really wants to be your friend. That’s all he wants.

J: This puts me in mind of the last quote in your book, one from Mother Theresa. It says that, "God doesn’t require us to succeed. He only requires that you try."

K: Correct.

J: So, how do you suggest that people reading this interview would try?

K: Just make the choice. Just take the tiny little mustard seed of faith, of choice, and make the decision that you are going to listen, that you would like to hear. Once you make the decision to allow God to come into your life to change your life, your business, your relationships, your money, he will put the right books, workshops and people in front of you. All you have to do is ask for help and the help will be almost instantaneous.

There’s no such thing as a coincidence. People will say, "Oh it’s such a coincidence I ran across this." No it’s not. It’s all there waiting. You know, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

J: Another thing in your book that struck me was Eric’s story and the last line in it, where he says that, "You know, if everyone could hear God, the whole world would be a different place."

K: It would change overnight. The whole world would literally change overnight if everybody could hear and everybody would listen to what he has to say. The world would change instantaneously. Not everybody is ready to hear him. Not everybody wants to hear him. But there are people out there who are absolutely and completely and totally ready to hear him. And once they start hearing him, they find out what their real life’s purpose is. Everybody has a purpose for being. Some of us have realized it and some of us haven’t. He will help us realize that purpose.

You know, one of the fallacies of being spiritual is that you have to be poor and a vegetarian. I like a good steak once in awhile, and there’s no reason why we can’t all be prosperous. You can have money and be a terrific human being all at the same time. We’re taught that money is bad, yet we want to be just like those rich people.

It’s a question of living a life that you are absolutely proud of and living a life of example. You can be prosperous and a loving human being at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with it.

J: You’re also saying, aren’t you, that when you start listening to this voice, the joy that is either active within you all along or can be animated within you, begins to run your life.

K: Correct. It doesn’t matter how horrible a human being you think you’ve been–you could have been into drugs, violence, or all sorts of things–every single person on this planet has this spark of light that is our true essence. If you want to go within and talk to that spark and call it God or anything you like, you can go within and do that. Every single person on the planet has this ability.

Some people feel that God has forgotten about them. That’s not true. They’ve forgotten about him. He’s there, waiting. He’s waiting for everybody. It’s just a question of reaching out and grabbing that brass ring when he hands it to you. Everybody can have a prosperous business. It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing. Prosperity is here, if you just reach out and grab it.

It’s the power of choice. One of God’s greatest gifts to this planet is the power of choice. We can either choose to listen to what he says and tap into that ocean of knowledge, so that we can feed and cure everything on this planet, or not. Some of us are choosing to reach in and grab it. That’s all it takes.


"The human mind is designed to know the Design."
Buckminster Fuller, Utopia or Oblivion

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
Helen Keller

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