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What People Say
"The Voice of the Soul is the luminous, lyrical expression of a genuine spiritual pilgrim. Judith Pennington's insights continually refresh and inspire us. They are a reminder that the spiritual side of life makes life worth living."
Larry Dossey, M.D.,
Holistic pioneer
"Judith's book describes in a beautiful and moving manner the personal spiritual experience of one dedicated seeker of the Divine that is within and all around us."
Barbara Brennan, Ph.D.,
Spiritual leader
"Reading The Voice of the Soul opened the door to God for me: it helped me feel the beauty and love of God, where before I saw only blame and desolation. It helped me see beyond myself to the God inside me and put me on a path that is filled with faith and hope."
Jodie Dreher,
College student

"What a wonderful book. Thanks so much for writing it. It was the perfect mixture of science and spirituality that I so desperately wanted."
Bert Fife, Entrepeneur,
Baton Rouge
"...packed with gems of wisdom and enlightening ideas."
Venture Inward magazine
"Unlike anything else you've ever read, this book can help lead you to your own truth. And that is the highest and best purpose to which any work can aspire."
Christian Allman, author-publisher
New Orleans, La.

"A heartwarming journey of awakening, this book is an intriguing account of how the soul guides the personality to experience fulfillment with the deepest self–the God-self. There is profound simplicity and bare honesty to Judith’s mystical adventure that invites us to ponder our own path to greater self-awareness... Judith’s dance with the divine is a daring and pioneering template for healing and renewal."
Keith Varnum,
Teacher and author
" It’s such a forthright and honest journey. It shows people that no matter what their journey is, it’s no use holding on to the past. I think it very clearly says that and how, through all our difficulties, we have a guiding North Star pulling us toward the spiritual horizon–and that we all have one! Your book really takes people out of ideas of unworthiness and religious damnation to the essence of what is."
Mark Stupka,
Baton Rouge

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The Voice of the Soul
The Voice of the Soul is a book whose time has come. This compelling spiritual memoir, a step-by-step pathway into healing and renewal, revolutionizes the way we perceive the human soul and consciousness. It maps the milestones in our journey out of darkness into light and calls us into personal and planetary consciousness more urgently–and resonantly–than ever before.
The protagonist of this spiritual memoir, Judith Pennington, is a skeptical journalist who believes in neither herself nor God, yet one night hears an inner voice urging her to pick up pen and paper, listen and write down what she hears. This proves to be the wisest, most sensible voice she’s ever heard. She embarks on a 12-year journey into the depths of the human heart and the soul and science of spirituality.

And that is just the beginning. The Voice of the Soul gives a "bird’s-eye" view of what most spiritual seekers want to know: how to heal, how our intuitive gifts unfold, the secrets of synchronicity, how to maintain calm in the midst of conflict, and how to love, forgive and live in peace.


Ultimately, The Voice of the Soul calls readers to awaken to the soul as a parent, teacher and guide knowing exactly what we need, in each moment, to bring about the blossoming of our gifts and talents, our unique destinies, and oneness with the divinity in us and all things.

While The Voice of the Soul is a personal story, its path of healing is universal. The author’s perception of the human condition is insightful, wise and compelling, as are the beautiful, mystical writings of great wisdom comprising the second half of the book. These indexed writings inspire, comfort and empower readers and guide them to the wisdom of their own souls.

The Voice of the Soul is remarkable in another way: it illuminates the beads of science strung upon the necklace of Spirit. In a fascinating series of synchronous events, the author discovers that her experience of rising consciousness is common to every devoted meditator and is scientifically charted by one of the world’s leading brain wave biofeedback researchers.

While the science of spirituality often involves complexities that elude the most determined readers, The Voice of the Soul brings to life a clear view of spiritual physics: on the Celtic island of Iona, she sees two vivid cinematic visions and soon after stumbles across a book by a Scottish astrophysicist describing an easy-to-understand quantum theory in exact accord with her prophetic visions.

While this book is the author’s truth, and she holds that each soul must find its own, The Voice of the Soul strikes a resonant chord in the hearts and minds of readers. Pennington invites readers to test her claims by experimenting with the universal laws of higher consciousness. She claims there is nothing mysterious about psychic consciousness or unknowable about God: the key to both is a quantum web strung through all of creation and containing infinite wisdom and healing; it can be accessed by anyone with the need and desire to know and to live responsibly and in harmony with self, each other and the divine in us and all things.

Other books on spirituality offer theories, philosophy, personal experience or dialogue with God. The Voice of the Soul, winner of the Readers Preference 2002 Editor's Choice Award, offers all of these and more: a soul-deep understanding of who we really are, why we are here, and how to fulfill our purpose in order to be our highest and best. The book’s beautiful inspired writings sing these truths to each soul seeking to know self and God.

By the end of this book, you will:

* Experience an amazing shift in perspective, seeing yourself as a pure, perfect being destined to live in abundance and ease, and to bring your inner light of joy and peace into the world.

* Understand why things happen as they do and be at peace with the past. You will learn how to love and how to release people and circumstances that are harmful to you.

* Know how to do inspirational writing to elicit your own truth and guidance. This will help you make sense of everyday life and learn your life’s meaning and destiny. It will also guide you into the development of your natural spiritual abilities.

* Like other seekers, you can let The Voice of the Soul—guided by your own soul—speak to you directly. First, you will resonate deeply with certain passages and situations in the narrative. Secondly, you can resonate with the meditative writings in the second half of the book. Just close your eyes and feel the inspired writing that wants to speak to you. Blindly open the second half of the book and your soul eyes will dart to a certain spot. This will be the message that is meant for you.

With this access to your own knowledge, wisdom and inner peace, you will surely kindle the light of love and bring it out into the world to heal and renew others.

It is time for each and every one of us
to awaken to who we really are:
souls waiting and wanting
to guide humankind into
peace and perfection.

Book Groups

The Voice of the Soul is an excellent choice for a book discussion group. It is rich enough in content to provide any group with a wide array of discussion topics and ample food for intellectual and spiritual thought.

Judith is available to any book group as a discussion facilitator or participant. She will also present a follow-up talk, lecture or workshop by phone or in person.


Life Strategy Coaching

If you read this book and wish to discuss it, Judith will meet with you personally or by phone. A life strategy coach, she charges a nominal hourly fee to walk the path with you, if you want or need company. E-mail us about this or call (610)-837-4166.
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