Part I
The Narrative

Part II
Selected Meditative Writings

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The Voice, Part I
Whatsoever that be within us...
The next few writings...
In 1988, Medjugorje's visitors...
Part I is a crisp, fast-paced narrative giving context to the beautiful, lyrical writings in the second half of the book.

The story begins late one night in 1987, when Judith, a skeptical journalist, hears a kind, gentle inner voice with a wisdom and goodness far greater than her own. The voice of her soul, teaching through nature imagery, parables and universal law, challenges her disbelief in herself and God, and attracts a synchronous series of events leading to objective proof of everything claimed by her writings. Readers follow her into personal healing, transformation, the cosmic perspectives of the soul, the unity in science and spirit, and the destined purpose of every sentient being.


Judith’s touching story, a walk into the light-filled realm of the psychic, is a universal path strewn with gems of wisdom and insight. Recommended by Barbara Brennan and Larry Dossey, this book of hope and inspiration bids readers to the voice of truth within each of us.

Click on the links above to read excerpts from the narrative, consisting of a prologue, three chapters and an epilogue. Click on Part II for a selection of Judith’s soul writings. If you read them with your heart, they will sing to your soul.


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